There is no greater advertisement for any business than testimonials from happy customers!


Jeanne Dubi, Sarasota Audubon Society
• Number and brand of panels: 42 x SolarWorld 280W MONO
• Total power of solar array: 11.76kW
• Estimated kilowatt hours of electricity system will produce annually: 18,438 kWh

“We couldn’t be more pleased with our solar panel array. The combination of funding from the William G. and Marie Selby Foundation and the installation by Brilliant Harvest has not only allowed Sarasota Audubon to reach Gold-level status for LEED certification but has also, more importantly, fulfilled our goal of sustainability at our new Nature Center.”


Frank Filipanits & Paula Murray
• Number and brand of panels: 36 x SolarWorld 280 Mono
• Total power of solar array: 10.08kW
• Estimated kilowatt hours of electricity system will produce annually: 13,959 kWh

“Brilliant Harvest worked through multiple design concepts to find the best solution for our project, then executed the installation quickly and professionally. The team was capable, knowledgeable, and easily adapted to the few inevitable bumps that cropped up during the project. Our electric bills have dropped dramatically — nearly $200/month. On those hot days when the sun is beating down, I find relief in popping open the solar monitoring app and seeing all the power (and savings!) we are generating. I unconditionally recommend Brilliant Harvest for anyone seeking a solar expert.”


Jake & Angela Hartvigsen
• Number and brand of panels: 36 x SolarWorld 280 Mono
• Total power of solar array: 10.08kW
• Estimated kilowatt hours of electricity system will produce annually: 13,841 kWh

“All we can say is, ‘WOW!’ From start to finish, we couldn’t be happier with the quality of professional service and advice we received from Bill and the entire Brilliant Harvest crew throughout the purchase and installation of our new solar-powered electrical system. And we’re not the only ones. Even the FPL inspectors mentioned how impressed they were with the quality of our installation. Best of all, our electricity bills are now consistently 66-75% lower than they were before we had solar.”


Ben & Sharon Kunkel
• Number and brand of panels: 33 x SolarWorld 280 MONO
• Total power of solar array: 9.24kW
• Estimated kilowatt hours of electricity system will produce annually: 11,985 kWh

“Brilliant Harvest installed our solar PV system. At the time, FP&L was still offering rebates and – I must tell you – this was an intimidating process. Plus there ended up being some major issues on FP&L’s side, including a first round of rebates with technology issues online. But Brilliant Harvest helped us to plan for and navigate every step of the way and we successfully secured our rebate. We were very happy with the level of service, every step of the way. Bill answered our many questions patiently and promptly. Crews came when they were supposed to, were courteous, and cleaned up after themselves on every visit. Everything has been functioning well and we also think the design of our system is pretty appealing from the street. Our kids, who understand very well the environmental disaster theirs and future generations will be inheriting, also think we’re pretty cool for doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. Plus now we like being able to monitor our system online, at any time, to check output.”

John Dolive
• Number and brand of panels: 28 x SolarWorld 280 Mono
• Total power of solar array: 11.4kW
• Two Tesla Powerwall 2.0 home batteries

“I would like to share my experience with my solar electric system during Hurricane Ian. The system consists of 28 solar panels for 11.4 kw generation and two Tesla Powerwalls. The move to solar made sense to me, considering the increasing cost of energy and the tax incentive currently offered. Before the storm hit, I received a text message that the Tesla Powerwalls were charged up full and ready to provide power during the hurricane emergency. It went on to say that we would not even know when Duke Energy failed. And that is exactly what happened. Duke was down for over an hour before one of my neighbors informed me that commercial power had failed. We enjoyed electric service from our solar system for the days that power from Duke was unavailable. We had air conditioning during the outage and were completely comfortable. We never had a power failure at our house … not even a little glitch. I am very happy with the system. It is just what I wanted. My system was installed by Brilliant Harvest of Sarasota. They did a great job! Everything works as it should. They always were on-site when they said they would be and were very professional. I highly recommend them.”

Brett Williams
• Four Tesla Powerwall 2.0 home batteries

“Let me save you the time and anguish: you won’t find a better solar company or a better person than Mr. [Bill] Johnson to help navigate the waters of investigating a solar system, sizing, purchasing/financing, and/or Tesla batteries. From a simple screw and nut on the mount to a cutting-edge inverter to Tesla Powerwall 2.0 batteries, Brilliant Harvest has it covered. Our experience was an unusual one: not enough south-facing roof – which was aging anyway – requiring a ground mount, concrete pouring, about 300’ of trenching with cable lying and the actual gateway/inverter setup … Everything was covered and went flawlessly. I have to admit I was a bit tepid about the size and complexity of the 20kwh project but, again everything went off without a hitch! All questions (and concerns) were answered well past my expectations, phone calls immediately returned, support from the office staff (who met me at my location for paperwork), permitting and city/FPL inspections handled with professionalism and were actually painless and somewhat enjoyable as a learning experience, thanks to Bill. The end product is both sharp and clean in appearance. It’s exceptionally functional without issues. Controlled by an app I’m able to see all aspects of the system, make real-time changes, turn components on and off while sitting back to relax as the system collects and stores electrons. The system is the envy of friends, family and neighbors alike. If you’re looking to reduce your power bill, go green or cut the power company cord, there isn’t a better company out there to help you navigate the waters of project completion every step of the way, from beginning to end!”

Joe Kaiser

“Our newly-installed solar system inverter failed and the company we used through Solar United Co-op went bankrupt, so I needed to find another solar company in Sarasota to replace the defective inverter. I reached out to Brilliant Harvest to ask for help and they were more than happy to assist. I dealt with [a team member] who worked with me to understand the problem and a solution for its replacement. They kept me informed and followed through with SolarEdge, who manufactured the inverter, to push for a replacement. Even though Brilliant Harvest was not my solar company, they are now for any work or additions. Professional and honest. I should have gone with them in the first place!”