Our Services

From initial concept through installation and well into the future, with ongoing monitoring, Brilliant Harvest will take your solar project from “Hello, sun!” to “Done!” Whether you want a solar power system installed on your home or business, our goal is to make going solar EASY for you – as easy as “1-2-3”!

1. Information Gathering & Proposal

• Conduct rooftop assessment using satellite imagery and site visit (when necessary)
• Review annual utility consumption
• Discuss battery backup options
• Size and specify array components
• Prepare proposal
• Sign contract

2. Construction

• Prepare and submit engineering plans for permit
• Begin net metering application with utility company
• Install solar array and inverter/interconnection equipment
• Install battery backup (if included)
• Pass building department inspection
• Finalize net metering application
• Commission array

3. Operation & Monitoring

• Install bi-directional meter (the utility company handles this)
• Commence full-time solar production
• Final walk-through with client
• Test battery backup system (if included)
• Deliver owner’s manual
• Review monitoring app
• Watch your electric bill go down!