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Solar hot water drainback system

page-img-mote2Every day, volunteers and staff at Mote Marine mammal center take care of dolphins, whales, manatees, sea turtles, and many other sorts of marine life. Taking care of those animals entails swimming with them many times a day, resulting in lots of hot showers and wet clothes. The mammal center had a high demand for hot water and a steep electric bill as a result. In its ongoing efforts to reduce operating costs, Mote looked for a more efficient way to satisfy hot water demand.

page-img-mote1Based on this information, Brilliant Harvest worked with Mote to
design and install a solar hot water system for the mammal center. Completed in November, 2011, the three collector solar hot water drainback system provides over 250 gallons per day of solar heated water for showers, laundry, and other domestic uses, all while resulting in a cheaper electric bill. To top it off, with the FPL rebate they received, Mote Marine’s return on investment is even better.

System Details:

Three 10′ x4′ Solene Aurora SLAR-40 solar collectors
TT-125 125 gallon roto-molded polyethylene unpressurized thermal storage tank with integrated heat exchanger

page-img-mote3Mote Marine Mammal Center
Sarasota, Florida

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