Let’s face it: the sun doesn’t always shine and, here in Florida, severe storms are becoming more common. To help our clients who want something better than a backup generator, Brilliant Harvest is proud to be an official Tesla Energy Certified Installer of the Tesla Powerwall home battery system. The Tesla Powerwall takes the place of a generator and works with your solar array to provide backup power to your home or small business when grid power is not available. With the Tesla Powerwall home battery and your solar photovoltaic system, you can enjoy secure, reliable, renewable energy after the sun goes down or during a power outage.

Each Powerwall provides 5kW continuous power (7.6kW peak) and 13.5kWh of energy storage. Tesla’s expandable architecture allows multiple systems, each with up to 10 Powerwalls (50kW per system!), to back up larger electrical services in increments of 200A. With this design, even the largest residential homes can have enough backup power to run large HVAC systems and other electrical loads when the grid is down.

The Powerwall can be mounted on the wall or on the ground, indoors or outdoors, and can be stacked in groups of three to maximize use of available space. A built-in battery inverter allows for easy integration with existing solar PV systems, and liquid-cooled thermal management ensures a longer life span and zero maintenance. The Powerwall system comes with a full 10-year product warranty and is controlled through the Tesla smartphone app, which puts the control over your home’s energy right in your hands.

To learn more about the Tesla Powerwall 2.0, click here for a comprehensive spec sheet about the AC battery system.

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