St. Pete Pier: A cool renewable feature for a highly-anticipated development project

Brilliant Harvest is thrilled to be involved in the amazing St. Pete Pier project, installing solar panels for two canopies that will offer shade while producing clean, renewable solar energy. The project consists of two canopies, with 221 Florida-manufactured SolarTech Universal solar panels per canopy. Each panel is 305 watts, so the total power per canopy is 67,405 watts; for both is 134,810 watts.

This project features a custom-designed steel superstructure, along with custom mounting rail system (designed and fabricated in Pinellas County), that meets current wind codes at the site. The structures will provide shade for visitors to the planned outdoor marketplace located at the St. Pete Pier, while at the same time delivering approximately 195,000 kWh of energy per year to the site.

It has been great to work with Borrell Electric and Skanska on such a wonderful and complex project, which will be a world-class destination when it opens in early 2020!