Temple Emanu-El: Showcasing a commitment to green practices

Sarasota synagogue Temple Emanu-El is working to take its green practices to net zero. In 2018, Brilliant Harvest installed 70 solar panels that are generating approximately 24,850 watts of total DC power, producing approximately 37,275 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. This energy output is in addition to the 33,660 watt system that Brilliant Harvest installed for the temple in early 2014. Currently, approximately 70 percent of the temple’s energy use is now being offset by the expanded solar array.

Temple Emanu-El’s solar energy system is one of the largest in Sarasota County and allows the temple to enjoy significant annual savings in electrical costs.

Temple Emanu-El’s adoption of solar power reflects the synagogue’s commitment to environmental responsibility, says past president Michael Richker. “Caring for the natural world and serving as stewards of God’s creation are essential Jewish values,” Richker explained. “We at Temple Emanu-El see solar power as a way of expressing our Judaism; it is another aspect of our dedication to conservation and to mindful living.”