Solar Array | State College of Florida Venice Campus


Array Overview

State College of Florida hired Brilliant Harvest in early October of 2012 to construct an 11.76 kW ballasted ground mount solar photovoltaic array at its Venice Florida Campus. According to the college, “The system is planned to be a valuable teaching aid for students in the Energy Management program at the State College of Florida with the inclusion of an Internet based monitoring system for students and faculty to observe and monitor output.”


The project faced two significant obstacles to successful completion. First, it needed to be completed by November 1, 2012 to meet grant requirements, leaving only 21 days from contract signature to permit and complete the project. Second, because of potential future building plans, the installed system was required to be ground mounted but movable if needed. Working with its suppliers and the college, Brilliant Harvest identified a ballasted ground mount array design that would comply with local wind code requirements and utilize easily removable ground penetrating equipment for ease of portability.

Brilliant Harvest completed the job on time and on budget, and helped secure an FPL solar rebate for the project, dramatically reducing the initial cost of the system to State College of Florida.

System Details

  • Forty nine (seven rows of even panels each) SolarWorld SW 240 polycrystalline solar panels
  • Forty nine Enphase M215 microinverters with integrated web monitoring
  • 1Panel Claw “Panda Bear” Ballasted ground mount racking system