Have you ever wondered what a Tesla Powerwall installation looks like? For a whole house backup, it often involves a utility company service change (i.e. a planned utility outage), new energy gateway, new breaker panel/s, a new grounding rod bonded to the existing grounding system, separating the neutrals from the grounds in the main breaker panel, and new utility service feeders from the meter to the new main disconnect.

Doing an installation correctly is not simple but it is worth the effort. This client, who required ground mounting of his solar panels, is currently enjoying his battery storage system, totally off the grid (including HVAC), in Sarasota County. As this client lives fairly far out in the country, he is relieved not to be subject to random – and sometimes long – outages with FPL.

Installation specs:
55 Hyundai 355 Watt modules
SolarEdge Inverter
4 Powerwall 2.0
19.525 kW / 56 kWh total system output

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