Solar Installation Company in North Port, FL

Discover the power of solar with Brilliant Harvest — the top solar installation company in North Port, Fla. Our team combines passion, local expertise, and the latest technology to bring you superior solar energy solutions. If you’re thinking about a switch to solar, our experienced team is ready to guide you. Connect with us online or call today for a consultation.

Exceptional Client Service

Every client experiences excellent service, reflecting our commitment to your satisfaction.

Diverse Expertise

Our team’s broad range of skills is showcased through successful solar installations in North Port, Fla.

Community-Focused Approach

A part of Sarasota County – including South County/North Port – since 2009, our local ownership means we’re invested in the community.

Comprehensive Solar Solutions

We offer end-to-end solar solutions, from initial design to post-installation maintenance.

Clean Energy Solutions 

Brilliant Harvest is at the forefront of delivering custom solar energy solutions. We understand the local energy landscape, which allows us to provide installations that meet the specific needs of our clients. By focusing on sustainable practices, we contribute to a greener future for North Port, turning each solar installation into a step towards a more sustainable community.

We also prioritize integrating the latest solar technology to maximize efficiency and sustainability. This commitment extends to offering a wide range of solar solutions, from rooftop installations to ground-mounted systems, each designed to harness the maximum potential of solar energy.

A residential solar panel installation job in the Sarasota, Florida area.

Personalized Residential Solar Systems

Adopting solar energy in your home is environmentally and financially beneficial. Our process at Brilliant Harvest is streamlined and client-focused. From the first consultation to the ongoing care of your installed system, we prioritize reducing your energy expenses and providing reliable, expert management of your solar system setup.

A commercial solar panel installation job in the Sarasota, Florida area.

Customized Commercial Solar Services

Our expertise extends to delivering tailor-made solar installations for businesses and organizations – including nonprofits and municipalities. Understanding the unique needs of our commercial clients, our solar installation services in North Port ensure a seamless integration of solar power to reduce your business’s environmental impact.

A Tesla Powerpack on the roof of a building in Sarasota, Florida.

Reliable Solar Energy Storage

Be ready for bad weather or a grid outage by installing a Tesla Powerwall or Tesla Powerpack. These work with your solar array to provide backup power to your home or business when grid power isn’t available. As a Tesla Powerwall Premium Installer, we can be trusted to integrate these advanced battery systems so you’ll have dependable energy even in uncertain weather. That peace of mind is particularly valuable during Florida’s hurricane season.

Begin Your Solar Journey With Brilliant Harvest

Brilliant Harvest has been a trusted solar installation company serving North Port, Fla. since 2009. We’re dedicated to helping you explore the benefits of solar energy. For premier solar solutions, contact us at (941) 359-3700 to start planning your solar project today.