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Harness the sun’s radiant energy with Brilliant Harvest, the premier solar installation company in Lakewood Ranch, FL. With our dedication, unmatched service, deep-rooted local insights, and state-of-the-art technology, we’re pioneering a new energy era in Southwest Florida. To embark on your solar journey, contact our team online or give our office a call today.

5-Star Rated

Every client we serve experiences our gold-standard 5-star treatment.

Expert Team

Our track record of solar installations shines, highlighted by the most intricate projects in the region.

Local Ownership

Since our inception in 2009, we’ve remained a locally-owned and managed business in Southwest Florida.

Superior Service

Our supportive team ensures service excellence, even attending to systems initially installed by other companies.

Power Your Property with Clean Energy from Brilliant Harvest

Brilliant Harvest caters to the needs of the residents and businesses of Lakewood Ranch with reliable and budget-friendly solar solutions. As a leading solar installation company in Lakewood Ranch, FL, our passionate team has consistently ensured quality installations since our founding in 2009. What truly sets us apart is our deep knowledge, vast hands-on experience, and unwavering drive to cultivate a healthier and more sustainable environment.

Our reputation, built on our client-first approach and delivery of excellence, speaks for itself. We’ve successfully guided hundreds of clients toward harnessing solar energy. We believe that sustainability starts at home. Therefore, each solar panel we install powers Lakewood Ranch with cleaner and more responsible energy.

A worker installs a solar panel in Lakewood Ranch, FL.
A residential solar panel installation job in the Lakewood Ranch, FL area.

Residential Solar in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Choosing solar for your home is an environmentally-conscious choice and an investment in the future. With Brilliant Harvest, transitioning to residential solar in Lakewood Ranch, FL, is affordable and hassle-free. 

Our all-encompassing services include the preliminary consultation phase, the design stages, and the installation and continuous monitoring. Consequently, you’ll experience diminished energy expenses and the confidence of a solar energy system maintained by genuine professionals.

A commercial solar panel installation job in the Lakewood Ranch, FL area.

Commercial Solar Services in Lakewood Ranch, FL

No matter your type of business, we present holistic solar solutions. Our team understands the needs of local businesses. It guarantees your solar venture is flawlessly executed to enhance organizational value and boost eco-friendly credentials.

A Tesla Powerpack on the roof of a building in Lakewood Ranch, FL.

Dependable Solar Battery Backup Systems in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Complement your solar panels with the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery or Tesla Powerpack for unexpected outages. This ensures a continuous flow of clean energy even during extended grid outages. As certified installers for Tesla Energy, we adeptly blend these advanced batteries into both residential and commercial solar frameworks.

Begin Your Solar Journey with Brilliant Harvest

Having served our community since 2009, Brilliant Harvest has emerged as the most sought-after solar installation company in Lakewood Ranch, FL. We’re your trusted ally on the path to a cleaner and brighter tomorrow. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of residential solar or considering a commercial shift to solar power, Brilliant Harvest is ready to assist.

Ready to unlock the boundless potentials of solar? Your quest for the top solar solutions ends at Brilliant Harvest. We are the trusted name for solar installations in Lakewood Ranch, FL. Connect with us today at (941) 359-3700.