Get Started with Solar

residential solar installation

1. Contact Us

Contact us for a free solar consultation: A Brilliant Harvest professional will create a custom design and detailed proposal for your home, with an estimate of future savings and financing options.

2. Installation

Installation of your solar power system: We take the time to do the job right the first time, with extensive planning and engineering on the front end and skilled installation by Brilliant Harvest employees – not subcontractors that may not be up to our rigorous standards.
We will also handle your permitting and paperwork.

3. Turn It On

Flip the switch: Once construction of the solar array is complete, individual components are checked against specifications, and measurements are taken and recorded for future reference. Then comes the moment our clients have eagerly awaited: we flip the switch and start turning sunlight into electricity to power your home!

From the consultation and initial concept through installation and well into the future, with ongoing monitoring, Brilliant Harvest will take your solar energy project from “Hello, sun!” to “Done!”


Want to install solar but don’t have the cash on hand? With our financing plan, you can install solar with zero down and the energy savings will more than cover your monthly payments.

Solar earns a better return on investment than most investments today, including CDs, money market funds or even the stock market. Click on the flyer (right) to learn about this fantastic plan – and CALL BRILLIANT HARVEST TODAY AT (941) 359-3700.