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We wanted to share some important information with you. We ask that you share this with everyone you know – Amendment 1 could mean the end of the solar industry in Florida! Utilities are trying to limit the expansion of solar in Florida in order to preserve their monopoly on electricity sales and limit customer-owned solar. Read More >

We are often asked about the cost of installing solar on someone’s home or business. For someone considering installing a solar power system on their home or business, the upfront cost can feel intimidating. Even with the federal tax credit of 30%, a homeowner might be looking at an investment of $15,000-$20,000 for a 10kW Read More >

By Bill Johnson President, Brilliant Harvest, LLC When it comes to electricity, Florida consumers do not have a choice. The sale of electricity is centrally controlled by the Florida Public Service Commission, with only one state-sanctioned utility company allowed to sell electricity in any given geographic region. Consumer choice is what drives our economy forward Read More >