You may wonder what Hurricane Ian may mean in terms of your solar PV system and battery backup system.

Here, we provide a breakdown of the solar + storage impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Misinformation can significantly hinder progress on the renewable front and hobble us in the fight against climate change.

Virtual power plants are now becoming a reality – and they offer the potential to be a revenue opportunity for homeowners.

Auxin Solar’s petition claimed the cheaper Southeast Asian products were hindering the development of solar manufacturing in the U.S.

Zero export solar is an option for those who wish to adopt solar but would prefer to use ALL of the precious energy they produce rather than send it back to the grid with little or no financial benefit.

SB 1024 has the potential to set Florida’s rooftop solar industry back for nearly a decade, if not decimate it entirely.

Please join us in defending Florida’s solar industry.

Despite obvious benefits to both customers and utilities, in Florida, net metering is under attack – AGAIN!

Over the course of our work, we are frequently asked by clients how they can reduce their energy use at home or the office.

The solar industry continues to innovate at a breakneck speed; these innovations ensure a brilliant future for solar.

Good design and the use of quality materials, with building codes and permitting to confirm the installation meets certain standards, will ensure your solar array will weather the storm.

There are a number of things that you can do to support renewable energy and sustainability.

The U.S. solar market surpassed 100 gigawatts of installed electric generating capacity, doubling the size of the industry over the last 3.5 years.

In October of 2019, a cross-sector partnership, Partners for Green Places, launched with the goal of encouraging organizations and businesses to commit to energy efficiency and sustainability.

This spring, state lawmakers will consider legislation that would help to equip Florida schools with solar energy systems.

One way to ensure you have power when utilities are down is to pair your solar energy system with battery storage.

solar energy is changing lives in sub-Saharan Africa, where nearly 600 million people live without grid electricity.

The tariffs were designed to boost U.S. manufacturing and stop unfair competition from foreign countries but the one thing they’ve succeeded at is to slow the flow of lower-cost product available to U.S. companies.

The solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) has helped support a robust solar industry in the United States. Unfortunately, the ITC was not extended by Congress late last year and, now, has begun stepping down.

Sarasota County’s 15th annual Sustainable Communities Workshop, “Transforming to New Ways Forward,” will bring the community together (safely, virtually) to discuss sustainability priorities.

We are happy to report that Florida’s Public Service Commission does not, at this time, appear to have the intention of weakening NEM.

A new study published recently in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, “The Carbon Footprint of Household Energy Use in the United States,” took a much-needed, comprehensive look at the greenhouse (GHG) emissions related to residential energy use. Looking at data from 93 million households, the authors of the study determined that residential Read More >

Why has the Tesla Solar Roof – and solar roof tiles in general – been so difficult to get right?

The issuance of green municipal bonds offers a wonderful opportunity to relieve some of the economic pressure and lost jobs due to the coronavirus.