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Harness the power of the sun with Brilliant Harvest, the top solar services company in Bradenton, FL. Our commitment to exceptional service, local knowledge, and advanced technology is revolutionizing the energy scene in Southwest Florida. Contact our team online or call our office today.

Expert Team

We’ve successfully executed countless solar installations, tackling some of the most challenging projects in the region.

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Since 2009, we’ve been locally owned and operated in Southwest Florida.

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Rest easy knowing our team is here to support you with reliable service, even for systems installed by other businesses.

Power Your Property With Clean Energy from Brilliant Harvest

Brilliant Harvest has been a pioneer in the solar movement, offering residents and businesses in Bradenton reliable and cost-effective solar energy solutions. As a recognized solar services company in Bradenton, FL, our dedicated team has consistently provided exceptional installations since 2009. Our pride lies in our local expertise, vast experience, and dedication to fostering a greener and more sustainable future.

Renowned for our customer-centric approach and commitment to excellence, we have enabled hundreds of clients to embrace solar power. At Brilliant Harvest, we firmly believe that the road to sustainability begins at home, and every solar panel we install marks another step towards a cleaner and brighter future in Bradenton.

A worker during a solar panel installation by a solar company in Bradenton, FL.
A residential solar panel installation job in the Bradenton, Florida area.

Residential Solar in Bradenton, FL

Making the switch to solar at home is not just an eco-friendly decision but also a savvy investment. At Brilliant Harvest, residential solar installation in Bradenton, FL, is affordable and easy. 

Our comprehensive services cover everything from the initial consultation and design to installation and ongoing monitoring. With us, you can enjoy lower energy costs and the assurance of having your solar energy system managed by skilled professionals.

A commercial solar panel installation job in the Bradenton, Florida area.

Commercial Solar Services in Bradenton, FL

We provide complete solar solutions for businesses, civic organizations, educational institutions, and nonprofits. With our deep understanding of the unique requirements and advantages of commercial solar power, our experienced team ensures your project is carried out smoothly, adding value to your organization and contributing to your sustainability endeavors.

A Tesla Powerpack on the roof of a building in Bradenton, Florida.

Reliable Solar Battery Backup Systems in Bradenton, FL

Equip your solar panels in Bradenton, FL, with a Tesla Powerwall Home Battery or Tesla Powerpack for secure, reliable, and renewable energy, even after sunset or during a power outage. As a Tesla Energy Certified Installer, we seamlessly integrate these cutting-edge batteries into your residential or commercial solar setup.

Embark on Your Solar Power Journey Today with Brilliant Harvest in Bradenton

Brilliant Harvest has been serving the community since 2009, proving to be more than just your local solar services company in Bradenton, FL. We are your reliable partner on the journey to a cleaner and more sustainable future. Whether you’re exploring residential solar for the first time or considering switching your business to solar power, Brilliant Harvest brings the expertise and commitment to make your project a success.

Ready to explore the endless possibilities of solar energy? Look no further than Brilliant Harvest, your dependable provider of solar panels in Bradenton, FL. Reach out to us today online or at (941) 359-3700.