Our Services

From initial concept through installation and well into the future, with ongoing monitoring, Brilliant Harvest will take your solar energy project from “Hello, sun!” to “Done!”Solar Panel Installers

Our team at Brilliant Harvest designs, develops, constructs and operates solar hot water and photovoltaic systems. We offer and coordinate the following services for property owners and businesses looking to capitalize on the clean, renewable, and endless power of the sun:

Project Analysis
During this phase of your project, we evaluate the technical, financial and legal feasibility of your solar options.

Financial Analysis
Whether you need a simple cash flow evaluation or a sophisticated scenario analysis, Brilliant Harvest has the tools and expertise to help you understand the financial benefit of using solar for your business or home.

The best performing projects are the best planned. Brilliant Harvest’s depth of knowledge in solar photovoltaic systems works well with engineering firms’ traditional areas of expertise.

Construction Quality
We take the time to do the job right the first time, reducing or eliminating many maintenance problems before they have a chance to develop. Our excellent supplier relationships allow us to obtain the highest quality materials at the lowest cost possible, improving your return on investment.

Commissioning and Startup

Once construction of the solar array is complete, individual components are checked against specifications, and measurements are taken and recorded for future reference. Then comes the moment our clients have eagerly awaited: we flip the switch!

System Operation and Monitoring
Brilliant Harvest will be here for you beyond installation and start-up of your system. We offer annual maintenance programs that will ensure that your solar system delivers its maximum return on investment over its full lifetime.