Brilliant Harvest partners with Roofing by Curry to install Tesla Solar Roofs

We are thrilled to announce that, since mid-2022, Brilliant Harvest has been collaborating with Roofing by Curry on the installation of Tesla Solar Tile Roofs in our region. Since our partnership began, our companies have completed nine projects – including 36 Powerwalls – totaling 231kW. These projects have taken place primarily in Sarasota-Manatee but with a few slightly outside the two-county area.

Another three projects are in progress with a further dozen already sold – we are booked out until the second quarter of 2024!

Roofing by Curry was approved last year as a Certified Tesla Solar Tile Roof Installer. However, they needed a strong and knowledgeable electrical integration partner to interconnect the roof, inverters, electrical panels, and Tesla batteries; thus, Brilliant Harvest was Tesla and Roofing by Curry’s first choice.

While we’d like to share some highlights of the Tesla Solar Roof, please note that we are NOT comparing/contrasting the Tesla Solar Roof and traditional rooftop photovoltaic systems, or recommending one above the other. (Both have their place!) With that said:

The aesthetic appeal of the Tesla Solar Roof – which is all-black and has a very sleek appearance – is undeniable. A high-profile example of building-integrated photovoltaics, the Tesla Solar Roof – which is made up of regular and photovoltaic tiles – is a fully integrated solar roofing system. The Tesla Solar Roof comes with a 25-year warranty against defects in the tiles and a 25-year warranty against roof leaks. According to available data, the Solar Roof will produce at 95% of its rated power after five years and 85% after 25 years.

Another feature of the Solar Roof, comprising both glass and steel roofing tiles, is that it is rated for the most severe hurricane standards: the building code wind speeds in Miami-Dade, meaning winds up to 195 mph. Just as with a traditional rooftop solar PV system, installing a Tesla Solar Roof will make your roof system stronger. And, just like a rooftop solar PV system, anything that is going to damage a tile (or the entire array) is going to damage the rest of the house even more.

It is very important to note that this is a premium product and, as such, it comes at a premium price.

Just as it takes time, thought and research to make the decision to go solar and choose a trusted installer for a solar PV system, the same is true for the Tesla Solar Roof, with some additional wrinkles. Not only must you take into consideration the cost and desired energy output, you will also need to think about the additional expense of removing your current roof. Including home batteries is another consideration. When Tesla installs systems, they require you to add Powerwall batteries but the Brilliant Harvest/Roofing by Curry partnership does not (you can install a solar-only Tesla Tile Roof with us).

It’s a big and important decision, whichever way you go. But it’s a good decision, as long as you go solar!

We are thrilled to be working with such an experienced, top-quality roofer to bring this amazing product to the region. If you have any questions about the Tesla Solar Roof, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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