Please join us in defending Florida’s solar industry

As we reported in last month’s newsletter, net metering in Florida is under attack – again. Senate Bill 1024 and House Bill 741, which were introduced late last month, would effectively decimate Florida’s growing rooftop solar industry and result in the loss of thousands of solar jobs. We would ask that you please join us in defending Florida’s solar industry.

In short, what Florida legislators aim to do with the House and Senate bills is to offer blatant protectionism to Florida’s utilities, cementing their monopoly on the power industry in our state and leaving us all vulnerable to unchecked rising energy costs. By reducing or eliminating net metering benefits, these bills will remove financial incentives for installing solar, hurting Florida citizens and businesses that already own solar energy systems as well as discouraging potential solar adopters from installing solar.

Here are some statistics that highlight the importance of maintaining net metering policies in the Sunshine State. The rooftop solar market supports more than 40,000 jobs, adds $18.3 billion in economic value, provides $3.2 billion in household income (through good-paying local jobs), and generates $3.3 billion in total tax revenues.

And to correct purposeful disinformation concocted by the utility companies, NO, net metering does not shift the financial burden of operating the grid to non-solar customers. The facts simply don’t support such an assertion. Additionally, studies have proven that solar not only enhances grid resilience but also saves money for everyone on the grid.

Florida’s net metering policies create local jobs, improve grid resiliency, and empower Floridians to make choices about their energy consumption and budget.

Please click on the images below to read more comprehensive information about the benefits of Florida’s solar industry; action items you can take are below the flyers. Thank you in advance for your support!


Write to Governor DeSantis

Write to your state Senator

Write to your state Representative

Donate to support the Florida Solar Energy Industries Association’s efforts to defend net metering

Send an email to justinv@flaseia.org to register for the Florida Solar Energy Industry Association’s Net Metering Town Hall on December 13 at 3 p.m.

Learn more about net metering in Florida

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