Membership in FlaSEIA has its benefits

We have lots of choices to make when it comes to charitable endeavors. Most of us have contributed to various organizations and causes over the course of our lifetime. What may be less common is for a private citizen to support a trade association. But when it comes to the Florida Solar Energy Industries Association (FlaSEIA), membership has its benefits: for the State of Florida and for renewable energy.

FlaSEIA is currently offering a consumer individual membership, which runs just $25/year. But why would anyone direct charitable giving to a trade association? In this case, your support would help to create sustainability for the solar industry in our state for years to come, and help protect and increase opportunities for Floridians to install solar on their homes and businesses.

FlaSEIA is a nonprofit trade association. Since 1977, it has been dedicated to protecting and promoting the interests of the solar energy industry and solar consumers in Florida. This longevity, along with stringent contractor licensure and system certification standards, ensures consumer confidence and industry growth.

FlaSEIA is working hard every day against forces in Florida that want to prevent Floridians from installing solar and energy storage on their homes and businesses. Utility companies large and small, state and local governments, and other groups are all working to make rooftop solar more difficult and more expensive for you. FlaSEIA is the only group working on behalf on the little guys – the individual consumers and contractors – to bring the benefit of renewable energy to everyone. FlaSEIA is the David to the utility company’s Goliath … but it’s a fight we can win with your help.

To be sure, there are other groups advocating for renewable energy in Florida. However, their focus is primarily to get more solar installed in the state – which we agree is a worthwhile goal. But, unfortunately, they don’t care how we get there. They can achieve their goals by increasing the amount of utility scale solar (i.e. big solar farms), which does nothing to create a sustainable solar industry in Florida. These groups aren’t headquartered here and they don’t concern themselves with building an industry or overseeing the quality of the work or business practices of Florida’s solar contractors. In fact, two of the largest of these groups have recently endorsed FPL’s highly anti-competitive “Solar Together” program, which threatens to make rooftop solar extinct in Florida.

Unlike these other groups, FlaSEIA is based right here in Florida and it’s working to create an industry that will be here for decades to come.

For FlaSEIA, it’s not just about installing more solar. The organization is working to create solar jobs, encourage manufacturing, and inspire and facilitate solar expertise right here in the Sunshine State. In the long run, this means much more than just getting us off of fossil fuels – it will create and support an industry that provides high-paying jobs and improves the economic health of the state.

By becoming a member of FlaSEIA, you will contribute to the long-term growth and sustainability of the solar industry in Florida. You’ll help FlaSEIA in its legislative and regulatory advocacy, support ethical business practices, and help improve the business conditions of the solar energy industry.

Click here for more information about member benefits; click here for the “Friends of FlaSEIA” membership application.

Thank you for considering this worthy organization!

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