After the storm: A message to our clients

Solar power hurricane

We are reaching out to clients of Brilliant Harvest to see how their solar arrays fared during and after Hurricane Irma. We have been tracking things online and nearly every system seems to be functioning properly but we wanted to check in to see if there were any issues with your solar array, any damage to panels or the racking system, or any other issues.

We’ve also been getting a LOT of phone calls from people interested in finding out how the Tesla Powerwall home battery might change the game after a storm, particularly given the difficulties Florida’s utility companies had getting their customers back online in Irma’s wake.

We have three primary reasons for writing this message:

1. A Tesla Powerwall home battery (or batteries) can keep certain designated appliances running even if your power is out – as many Floridians experienced as Hurricane Irma went by and, in some cases, for days afterward. Unlike a generator, the Powerwall battery is replenished every day with the energy from your solar array so there is never a concern about fuel shortages. Systems can be designed to run your critical items (refrigerator, lights, fans, and internet) or sized to run your whole home (including AC). Whether someone is considering a new solar installation that includes the Powerwall or if they already have solar and would like to add the Powerwall (the Powerwall 2.0 is AC coupled and can work with any PV system), Brilliant Harvest can help.

2. Solar arrays are designed to meet – even exceed – local wind codes but it is possible for tree branches and other debris (and, in some cases, there can be tornado force winds within a hurricane) to crack or damage panels. For clients concerned about possible structural damage or other post-Hurricane Irma issues, we would be happy to perform an inspection. We will take $25 off our normal service call fee of $150 for on-site inspections. Please note: any damage would be covered by your homeowner’s policy; we can prepare a damage report for your insurance company if necessary.

3. We ask that you share your story with us! We have constructed your solar array to be very strong in order to withstand weather events such as these and love to hear the good news that a client’s system is undamaged and functioning as designed. Email a photo of your array and brief remarks about your storm experience to info@andrewt84.sg-host.com, or post on our Facebook page, and we’ll share them on our social media channels and in future newsletters.

Thanks so much. Wishing all who may have been impacted by Hurricane Irma a speedy return to normalcy!

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