Vote NO on 1!

We wanted to share some important information with you. We ask that you share this with everyone you know – Amendment 1 could mean the end of the solar industry in Florida!

Utilities are trying to limit the expansion of solar in Florida in order to preserve their monopoly on electricity sales and limit customer-owned solar. Amendment 1, which is on the ballot in November, would allow utilities to charge a monthly fee to anyone who has solar on their home or office, EFFECTIVELY KILLING FLORIDA’S FLEDGLING SOLAR INDUSTRY.

The utilities claim that folks who don’t have solar are subsidizing the cost of grid maintenance for people who do. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. The utilities want to use this falsehood to justify charging a fee for solar net metering, artificially raising the cost of going solar and, thus, drastically reducing the number of solar installations in Florida.

Many studies show that SOLAR IS A NET BENEFIT TO THE GRID, and lowers costs even for those who do not have solar! A recent Brookings Institute paper highlights these findings.

Here is a link to the Floridians for Solar Choice website for more information on the subject.

Click HERE for a fact sheet on Amendment 1.

Here are links to recent editorials about Amendment 1:

The utilities are purposefully misleading people into thinking that Amendment 1 is good for solar in Florida. IT IS NOT TRUE! Please help us get the word out to VOTE NO ON 1!

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