The Future of Energy Storage is Here!

Tesla Powerwall Image

Brilliant Harvest, LLC is proud to announce that it is an official Tesla Energy Certified Installer, meaning we are now able to procure and install the revolutionary Tesla Powerwall home battery in homes and businesses throughout our region.

With the Tesla Powerwall home battery and your solar photovoltaic system, you can enjoy secure, reliable, renewable energy without interruption. The Tesla Powerwall is a wall-mounted lithium-ion battery that can power a home during grid outages, and store energy for use when the sun goes down.

The Tesla Powerwall is beautiful, inside and out. With a sleek design, advanced lithium-ion battery chemistry, and intelligent battery management software, Powerwall offers simplicity and control over your renewable energy. Each Tesla Powerwall has 6.4 kWh of storage capacity; those seeking greater storage capacity can simply install additional Powerwalls.

All of us at Brilliant Harvest are thrilled to help area homeowners move toward energy self-reliance. Through energy innovations such as the Tesla Powerwall, you can move away from fossil fuels and toward clean, renewable energy sources. That’s not just good for your wallet – that’s good for the whole planet.

Click HERE to learn more about the key capabilities of the Tesla Powerwall. Do not hesitate to contact us if you’d like to learn more!

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