the Cost of Solar Panels

The Cost of Solar Panels for Home Use in Palmetto

Determining the exact cost of solar panels for home use in Palmetto will involve multiple factors – this is why it is crucial that you work with a reputable and well-established solar contractor like Brilliant Harvest. The key factors to consider when comparing solar panels are performance (they should produce the power that the rating leads you to expect), quality, durability and beneficial warranty terms. Aesthetics can also play a role in a consumer’s decision-making process.


While online research should provide you with some great background, there are expert resources that can be extremely helpful in guiding your final decision. There are annual lists produced by solar publications (like PV-Tech, Solar Power World, Renewable Energy World, Solar Industry Magazine, and even Forbes) of the top PV panel manufacturers. These resources make it very easy to learn which manufacturers make a quality product – and which ones to avoid.


Solar panels should last and produce an output of more than 80% of the rated power for at least two decades. The lifetime of solar panels varies depending on quality of materials and the manufacturer. If a panel has a warranty of less than 10 years, you should exercise caution – a warranty of 25 years is much more desirable.


You should be able to find out the names of and do research on the kinds of equipment the contractor will use in your system. You should learn about the brand of solar panels before having them installed on your home. If you don’t recognize the name or can’t find any information about a brand, you may not want to use them – or the company – on your job.


At Brilliant Harvest, we take the needs of our customers and potential customers very seriously. Before we present a proposal, a thorough assessment is conducted. We look at a wide variety of factors, including your typical monthly energy use, the orientation of your home, the size and design of your roof and, of course, the size of your home.


We will then offer you expert advice regarding what type of system we believe would be the best choice for you and of course the cost of solar panels. We will be able to tell you how many solar panels are needed, what other supplies will be necessary, how the installation will impact your daily routine, the cost of our suggested system, and how much electricity your system will be capable of producing each day.


To learn more about the cost of solar panels for home systems, or to get a no-obligation quote for a new residential solar power system, call us today at (941) 359-3700.

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